Intellectual Perseverance Reflection

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In looking back at the questions from the first refection activity I believe that I am most successful at intellectual empathy. I consider myself to be someone who is very empathetic to others. In the past few weeks we 've had some very tough announcements at Kimberly-Clark and a lot of the team has had to really come together to be supportive of each other. I made the decision to take the voluntary severance offer and to leave at the beginning of May and my co-workers were very upset. They made it very clear that I 'm the positive one in the group who keeps everyone on the up and up. While it was heartwarming to see my friends emotion and feelings for me come out at the same time is was very sad and difficult to think who will fill this void? I guess I played a bigger role than I thought I did.…show more content…
I believe that Intellectual Perseverance is the trait that I would say I still have an opportunity for improvement. As mentioned above, I want results and I want them now. This course i 've had to read and read some of our text to understand some of the theories that were presented. It really makes you think so at times it has been a challenging to slow down and refresh. I will say I really like the discussions we 've had in class though. I 've been challenged and questioned by some individuals with different beliefs than mine so that has been interesting but in a positive way. GEN311: Ideas of Human Nature Week 6 Reflection Journal Activity To be completed prior to week 6; due as part of Reflection Journal A (Week 6) After reviewing the content from the first six weeks of the class, please address the following by authoring an essay, approximately two pages in length (double spaced, 12-point font). I would like you to include an introductory paragraph, three to five significant paragraphs forming the body of the essay, and ending with a conclusion paragraph. Incorporate citations as are

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