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Emotional intelligence and academic achievement in student Success in life largely determine by the intelligence. Intelligence is a mental ability and cognitive problem solving skill, involved in reasoning, perceiving relationship and analogies, calculating, learning quickly etc. Intelligence is the capacity to learn from experience and involve the ability to adapt to ones environment. Intelligence consider vital for success, and essential for personal accomplished. We can success depend on several intelligence and on the control of emotions. IQ alone is no more the measure for success emotional intelligence is more important. And emotional intelligence involves such attributes as understanding & controlling one’s own emotion, showing empathy…show more content…
Developed in 1 school, the model is currently used in 63 elementary and 8 secondary schools in a large school district in Florida. The purpose of SAM is to increase student achievement, increase student ownership and responsibility in the learning process, and increase the effectiveness of teachers through their involvement in a constant process of investigation. Student performance data, observational data, anecdotal notes, and survey data reveal that the model has improved teachers' involvement in problem-solving educational issues and has led to higher student achievement. (Contains 5 tables and 18 references.)…show more content…
Emotional intelligence competencies involve emotional capacities in addition to purely cognitive abilities, modes of learning that work well for academic subject well suited for helping people improve an emotional competence (Goleman 1998).
Literature Review James D.A.Parker, Marjorie J. Hogan(2002) conduct a research examining the relationship between emotional intelligence and academic achievement during the first year 372 students complete the short form of the emotional Quotient inventory (EQ-i short). And at the end of academic year the EQ- i short data was matched with the student’s academic record. Result was strongly associated with several dimensions of emotional intelligence and academic success. Nada Salem Abisamra (2000) conduct a study is to see a relationship between emotional intelligence and academic achievement. The sample will be 500 11th grade boys and girls. The will be given the Bar on emotional Quotient inventory (EQ-i) validated measure of emotional intelligence. The Bar on EQ i consist of 133 item and take approximately 30 minute to complete. And result indicate high achiever in the 11th grade have a high emotional intelligence

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