Intelligence And Women In Decameron

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Decameron is written for women life-consuming to wait for the return of their husband goes to work because of the often distant countries developing of the bourgeoisie Florence. Take place in Italian literature the intelligence and woman as a rational being outward the feelings of women will be realized by Giovanni Boccaccio. Boccaccio's work penned named Decameron between the years 1349-1351, are extremely important in terms of the concepts into literature the intelligence and woman. Top to bottom in the Decameron the intelligence (stupidity) is examined at every level. and interests in front of the reader as identical concepts with intelligence and women. Millicent Marcus’ assessment of the way Boccaccio represents female characters: “[The Decameron is] a collection whose frame story owes much to the “Frauendienst” of the courtly love tradition and whose novelle, if not always reverential toward…show more content…
Person who has free volition, can change his fate albeit partially, to evaluate opportunities to provide its benefits. For example, the ninth story of the fifth day of the work called Decameron; Giovanna's story is a widow with one son whose husband dead. After the death of her husband son of Giovanna who became a widow with a huge heritage sick and falls to bed. Living every moment the pain of having lost her husband, Giovanna in fear of losing her son, asks what she can do to ensure his recovery, “ if you ensure a hawk for me, I think I heal quickly”. (Decameron, 502)Giovanna who did not reject this request of her son. Giovanna decides to go to Federico who wants to marry with her for a long time. Federigo was the owner of hawk. When Federigo saw the face of Giovanna, he flabbergasted. Penniless Federigo insists to stay for lunch the woman in order to ingratiate her. (Decameron , 505). However, since there is nothing to eat at home, cooks and serves his favorite hawk to
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