Intelligence In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Intelligent people are needed in society. Intelligence is a subject with extreme estimation. Our new society believes intelligence is the door to a better future, however humanity has proven that intelligence, and the development of a better society, does not have to do with each other. Intellect is a double edge sword. It gives humans the tools to help, but also to satisfy their wishes, which is not bad, but it provokes egocentrism. By not encouraging people to use their intelligence correctly, humans have transformed intelligent people into selfish individuals. Fannery O 'Connor is characterized for using satire to criticize people’s behaviors; therefore it is not a surprise that in his book "A good Man Is Hard to Find" he says that most likely, intelligence is a factor for becoming a terrible person. She shows it in the character the Misfit, and reinforces it by comparing him to the grandmother. The Misfit is a patient person who takes an opportunity when he sees it. “We [Misfit…show more content…
Flannery O 'Connor uses the grandmother to compare it with the Misfit in terms of our social rules about good and bad. According to William Bonney in the moral structure of a good man is hard to find ,The Misfit is the only one in this short story who "asks morally serious questions". Saying that, was he a bad person? After all, he is a person with a big ego and creative intelligence who is victim of his circumstances. Bonney proposes that in "A Good Man Is Hard Find" the relationships are metaphorical, and the grandmother has to affront the "moral" mystery of her dead which provokes "ethical opportunism" which is seen when she starts convincing the Misfit that she is a lady and therefore “You [The Misfit] wouldn’t shoot a lady, would you? "(O 'Connor 140). She was manipulating him with cheap tricks. She tries everything to survive, which is exactly the same situation that the Misfit is in. Both use their intellect as a tool to achieve the most basic instinct.
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