The Film Harrison Bergeron

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In the film Harrison Bergeron, every person is equal. No one is more advanced in any human activity including intelligence. However, Harrison has deviated from this norm by having a higher intelligence level than most people. This conflicted with the society that the National Administration Center had created in order to prevent tension due to the differences between humans. With Harrison deviating from the norm, this caused problems for him and the Center because it was possible that he could form some type of revolution against the Center. Since Harrison was threat to the society that the National Administration Center had created, his death was the only answer to the problem due to his intelligence conflicting with the society that required everyone to be equal. Harrison’s intelligence was a big reason of why he killed himself in the movie. His mind was incompatible to the society he lived…show more content…
Harrison was expecting that the American people would listen to his ideas and understand his feelings about what a true society, which is that all persons would be able to express themselves in a unique matter that is part of their personality, and real equality is. However, the people portrayed this is a gag and didn’t take anything Harrison was saying seriously. Even in the book, Harrison takes over the broadcasting system with no effect to those who were watching. George and Hazel were momentarily affected till their handicaps wiped the idea of Harrison from their minds. After the failing, it would seem that the people are content with their daily lives and will not ( or can not ) accept the idea that the sense of equality they believe in is false because of the treatment that people ,like Harrison, must go through to be accepted in the

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