Do Intelligence Tests Cause Learning Disability?

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Intelligence tests are probably one of the most well-known types of psychological tests. That being said, when people think of intelligence tests, it is more of just wanting to know how smart you are compared to others, rather than also looking at the information they can tell you about people like if they have a learning disability. Intelligence tests can be intimidating and nerve wracking sometimes, because people think they want to know their IQ, but do not know if they will actually score where they would put themselves. I have always wanted to take an intelligence test to know where I place, but at the same time, I have always been nervous because I am sure I consider myself to be smarter than where I would actually be placed. I do not…show more content…
It is sad that the stigma that comes from not doing so well on intelligence tests is that the certain individual is “dumb” or “stupid” when that is not what it means at all. When people hear the term learning disability, they think of it in a more negative way than it actually should be viewed. There is no definite cause of a learning disorder and just because one may have one does not mean they cannot function the same as others. The percentage of people with learning disabilities is increasing. Also, another thing that stood out to me was how many intelligent tests there really are; I always thought there was just one main one that everyone took. Each one has its strengths, weaknesses and measures different groups. There were also multiple theories of intelligence and each theory looks at something different or has a different idea of what intelligence should be made up of. I find it very interesting how discussed and researched the area of intelligence is compared to other…show more content…
Sometimes it is easier to understand material when you have experienced or it correlates to your life more. This chapter was really interesting looking at the differences between group and individual tests. From reading and discussion in class, it seems that group tests are more beneficial for the examiners or the companies giving the test, but individual tests are more beneficial for the client or examinee. Every student takes group tests multiple times a year and it is something people have grown accustom to, but based on the information from the book, it seems that students would score higher when taking an individual test. This could be because motivation is not as high or stakes do not seem the same, distractions in the environment and invalid scores are not recognized as invalid. While there are some pros when it comes to individual tests, there are some for group testing as well, like it is more cost effective and lots of people can take it in a short time. It would be impossible for certain tests to be given individually, like the ACT or SAT. There are too many people who have to take this test for entrance into college, that there would be not enough time to have everyone take it individually. When it came to the different categories of group tests, I was not aware that you could take intelligence group tests. It seems that an
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