Wechsler Intelligence Test

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Intelligence test is a test in questionnaires forms that were designed to measure an individual intelligence or knowledge. Scores might be introduced as an IQ (intelligence quotient) on a scale. There are many tests that can be used but the most famous one is Stanford-Binet 's Test (SB5) and Wechsler intelligence tests. The best and most prominent knowledge test is Stanford-Binet 's Test (SB5), which is a cognitive test and the first intelligence test. The purpose of this test is to measure the intelligence or cognitive ability of the subjects. This test measure five elements of subjective capacity which are Fluid Reasoning, Knowledge, Quantitative Reasoning, Visual-Spatial Processing and Working Memory. Each of these components is tried…show more content…
It can help determine the level of intellectual and cognitive functioning in them and thus can help in the analysis of learning inability, skill and mental impediment. Besides, psychologist or any related person is suitable for interpretation of the result because of they know about the test and related matters. It may take between 45 to an hour and a half, however, can take as long as two hours to complete the test depend on the age of the participant because the more subtests will be added if the older the participant. Thus, it takes a longer time to complete the test. The advantages of this Stanford-Binet 's Test is the result will be observed by a psychologist that also will give a consultation based on the result that the participant gets. It is totally different with IQ test that gives a scoring result in number and no further recommendations. Furthermore, this test also had been developed for a long time ago from the first edition until now there is a fifth edition that had been modified so that more participant from all range of age can take this test. However, the disadvantages of this test are the children that are still young may get a false or lower…show more content…
David Wechsler, a clinical psychologist with Bellevue Hospital had established Wechsler intelligence tests for adults and children from 4 - 16 years old. This test will measure capabilities in four principles which are thinking, maintenance of data, handling and association of data and verbal appreciation. Factors, for example, imagination, distinction or judgement are not joined in the test. Every classification is scored separately. The participant can finish answering the test between 65 to 80 minutes. It will give an IQ score as a result which is the cognitive ability of the participants. The advantages of this test are it permits investigation of a profile of scores as opposed to only one intelligence quotient (IQ). Next, this test also different because there is no physical contact between physician and participant because it just uses technology like a computer to do the test. This also will reduce the human error that can occur if need to check physically. This test also easy to score and to interpret the results. The disadvantages of this test are the result should not be accepted for the participants future pathway. Furthermore, a trained person must interact with the participant and also must know the test procedures and all the specific things about the test. This person needs to have a training and know about all the rules before doing the test to the participant. This is the limitation that the test had. Besides, the result will give a score that actually

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