Intelligent Design Vs Darwinian Evolution

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There is a significant debate developing in the field of biology. Biologists, professors, and many others are questioning the origin of the world and how its habitants came to be. The dispute involves the two competing theories of Intelligent Design and Darwinian Evolution. Science may not offer us absolute certainty about the world, however it can give us explanations for what seems more likely than others. Darwinism is a more likely explanation for species change as it is testable and has supporting evidence whereas Intelligent Design does not. Darwinism makes the claim that species change over time due to three selective pressures; natural, sexual, and artificial selection. Natural selection is when a trait that supports adaptation…show more content…
Anomalies built up with the fossils they found and suddenly there were so many anomalies that they were forced to change their way of thinking. Darwinism was able to open up a period of Crisis Science when he discovered species change over time, conflicting with the theory of Intelligent Design that God created all species to be the same. For instance, during his travels on the Beagle, Darwin found the fossil of an extremely large-shelled armadillo with a structure similar to the modern armadillo. The fossils conveyed to Darwin how organisms of different species have similar bone structures that change over time. According to Kuhn, once scientists agree on a paradigm, the period of crisis science gradually closes off again and all the other paradigms are left behind. The new paradigm will explain the anomalies the old one did not, and new evidence will be elucidated in terms of the paradigm. Darwinism has more support and evidence today than it did during Darwin’s time, making Darwinism a more prominent paradigm over Intelligent…show more content…
Unearthed fossils explain how species changed over time and due to selective pressures, certain traits became more adaptive than others and were amplified throughout the species. Intelligent Design is a theory that cannot be replicated and therefore is a pseudo-science. One can replicate Darwinism with bacteria which has a fast reproductive cycle, and have a population and a variable population placing them in different conditions and replicating the same experiment to see if you obtain the same results. This supporting evidence suggests that Darwinism is the more likely of the two
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