Intelligent Quotient Vs Emotional Intelligence

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Most people considers Intelligent Quotient (IQ) as an important factor to succeed in their career as professionals, while on the other hand, Emotional Intelligence (EI) are sometimes neglected. Intelligent quotient is usually inborn while Emotional Intelligence can be developed in an individual. Some people are not aware of the importance and benefits of being emotionally stable and its contribution to their success as an individual. As a person, success depends on how one handles their own emotion and of other people in the society. There are certain theorist that emphasized the importance of Emotional Intelligence, among them is Daniel Goleman (1996), he suggested that emotional quotient (EQ) might actually be more important than intelligence…show more content…
John Chancellor (2016), list top five reasons emotional intelligence persuades success in life. The EQ has a huge impact on the success of one’s life, it is important to fully develop the emotional skills. First reason is that, EQ has a greater impact on success than other factors, IQ can land you a job but absence of EQ can lead to termination from the job; Second, the ability to delay gratification is a primary indicator of future success; Third, high EQ leads to a healthy relationships with others; fourth, emotional health impacts physical health, because of an ability to handle stress; and lastly, poor EQ is linked to crime and other unethical behaviors. There's no hesitation that family and environment are strong contributors to the increasing incidence of crime, the common root is poor emotional and social…show more content…
They develops a nursing diagnosis and care plan, implements the nursing process and evaluates the effectiveness of nursing care. A psychiatric nurse must possess a good communication and relationship skills and also a wide knowledge in basic and behavioral sciences. Psychiatric nursing deals with the care of a patient that has emotional and mental health concerns. Sullivan (1993), describes psychiatric nursing as a field that invariably assumed to be a stressful area of nursing practice. Because of the emphasis on mental health, psychiatric nurses pay special attention and focus on establishing relationships with their clients and assisting them develop on their own mental and emotional power so that the client can operate with confident and independently and the nurses aim to either reduce or rule out their mental disorder by means of therapy and positive feedback (, 2017). This proved that emotional intelligence is an important factor that needs to be considered in the field of psychiatric

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