Intelligent Testing: Annotated Bibliography

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Jennifer Williams

PSYC 220

Salem College

Dr. Jacobsen

I. General Information

Kaufman, J. C. (2009). Intelligent Testing. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

This book is predominately about Alan Kaufman and his life’s works on intelligence testing; verbal and non-verbal. The reason I still included this book is because it acknowledges J. C. Raven’s influence on Kaufman’s work, as well as others, in the field of intelligence.

Pearson’s Clinical Assessment group This website gives more information about the different test kits and manuals available for purchase. It also has list prices for the test, as well as other general information.

II. Description

McCallum, R. (Ed.). (2017). Handbook of Nonverbal Assessment (Second Ed.). Cham: Springer
International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-50604-3

This book discusses the context of nonverbal tests. It describes assessments of intelligence, bias, and multicultural aspects within the test context. It also discusses nonverbal assessment of intelligence related abilities; personality, academic skills, behavior, and neuropsychological. This book
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Up until now, all work on Raven’s Matrices has been based on a correlational analysis of number of correct solutions. Researchers studied attempts by participants to solve problems from Raven’s Matrices under baseline conditions, or accompanied by backward counting or verbal repetition tasks. Researchers found that these conditions show little effect number of items correct, however evidence in solution time measurements reveals an important role in central executive functions, but no evidence for phonological loop involvement. Researchers felt this study held considerable potential for examining related concurrent brain task techniques using the Raven’s
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