Intentional Suicide Interventions

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In today society, people tend to get hurt twenty-four seven intentionally or unintentionally. Getting hurt helps you learn from your mistakes such as a child learns not to put his/her finger into an electrical output or playing with fire. Though throughout the years growing up, we as adults already know what’s wrong and what’s right, but not everyone is the same physically and mentally. Intentional Injury means to harm yourself or others purposely and some major risk factors for intentional injuries is access to firearms, alcohol abuse, drug abuse or mental illness. For example, between the ages of 15-24 there is a low rate of unintentional incidents, and high rates homicide and suicide incidents. In the article “Intentional Firearm Injuries on the Rise in Alaska”, study shows an…show more content…
Though the reason why interventions are made is because with so many people dying from the same mortality factors as suicide by fire arm, suicide by suffocation, suicide by poisoning or addiction the nation decided to take a stand to help others that are in a tough position. For example, an addict goes to an intervention because he/she knows that his/her life is at risk and wants to make a change and by him/her going to the intervention he/she is taking action upon himself/herself and then learns how to live a newer normal life preventing self-harm for the future. There is a whole lot of interventions that have been created for the past 20 years such as interventions for depression, interventions for alcohol abuse, interventions for suicidal ideation, interventions for survivors of sexual abuse etc. All the various kinds of interventions being made for the community will help every civilian and help save a life from falling into darkness and show that every life matters. Attending interventions is a great idea because this is helping understand the consequences that could happen to you if there’s

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