Interfaith Marriage

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Inter-faith marriages and its impact on society
Marriage is considered as one of the main institution of society and is reflected as a legal and social union between man and women. It bring certain rights, beliefs, duties and responsibilities along with it. Looking back at its history, according to literatures, marriage was first observed to be between Adam and Eve, and as per research scholars and religious scholar, God has set the criteria of marriage i.e. between a man and a woman. Marriage have different meanings in different societies and cultures. Looking back at history there were concept of monogamous and polygamous marriage as well. With the passage of time there is seen emergence of interfaith marriage, within different cultures and
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The following sections detail the data collection methods used in this research. The present study positions itself within the mixed method approach of social research in order to carry out both qualitative and quantitative aspect of the issue which is to be studied and researched…show more content…
Within interviews, in-depth information will be dragged out through semi structured interview guide and on the other hand open ended questions will be asked from the respondents for more precise opinions. These interview would contain about 8-9 questions. Public surveys would be carried out with the help of questionnaires which would include 10-12MCQ’s. And most importantly secondary data is used to set the turf of the issues to be researched on.

Data Analysis Procedures
Research will be conducted by collecting information through online research articles and field work, and by utilizing interviews to particularly target the key objectives of this research. Questionnaire will also be used to scrutinize the changing socio-cultural practices.
I will complete this by conducting interviews and questioners and through secondary research.

Expected Findings/ Implications
Present research will be conducted to highlight the sensitive, domestic and emotional aspects of interfaith marriage and how these practices are causing change in society and also to figure out whether these bring positive or negative implications within the society and cultural practices. Lastly, present research also highlights that how through education we, as a member of society, can bring change and cope with the hurdles which emerge as a result of interfaith

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