Inter-Professional Communication Analysis

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An example of when I have used inter-professional communication to collaborate to improve patient outcomes is when a patient came into the ED with urinary retention. This patient was an older man and he said that he has not urinated well the past few days. He stated that he just gets dribbles every so often and that he has an urge to go so bad. Once the ED physician communicated with the patient an order was put in to insert an Indwelling Catheter. I went into the patient’s bed area and described to him what I was going to do and how the catheter works. On assessment of his abdomen I noticed his lower pubic area was bulging outward, which looked very abnormal. I started to insert the Indwelling catheter and noticed that when it was fully inserted there was no urine return, but I was…show more content…
At this time, I pulled the catheter out and went to communicate with the physician again. The physician told me to call the on-call urologist to see what we can do about this. I called the urologist and gave him an SBAR on the patient and told me that he would come down to look at the patient. Once the urologist came down there he talked to the patient and told him we were going to try to insert a metal catheter (forgot what it was called but basically it drills through the prostate). The urologist was teaching me about the catheter and how to properly use it, so it was very knowledgeable. The urologist ended up pushing through the prostate and into the bladder to get urine return. The patient immediately had 3 Liters of urine output and had so much relief. The urologist was explaining to me that if the patient would have waited any longer to come to the hospital to seek medical attention, his bladder could have exploded. So, from this inter-professional communication the patient ended up having a great
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