Inter-Relationship And Dependencies In Hotel

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In the hotel industry, there are many departments that play their own respective role to keep the hotel business running. Not only that, in every department, there are times where they need to depend on another department to get information from the other side for an example, the housekeeping departments needs to clean the room and inform the front desk to release the room once it is clean in order for the next guest to check in. As for this essay, it is about the inter-relationships and the dependencies between the core facilities of a hotel and the implication that these inter-relationship and dependencies have for the provision of service in a hotel in two departments. The departments that I have chosen are the front office department and the housekeeping department.
The inter-relationship and dependencies between the core facilities of the hotel are connected to one another. Inter-relationship is defined as the connection between a couple of people or groups or parts of a system that are among other people, people or groups. (BD Dictionary , 2016) Inter-relationship can be seen in hotel, for an example the front office communicates with each other to know the status of the rooms. As for dependencies, it is defined as relying on another person or to depend on something else, for an example, in order for the front office to check in a guest to their room, they must first clean the room so this is where the housekeeping department comes in. (Definition of Dependency, 2016)
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