Interactivity In The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead is a graphic adventure video game based on the popular television series that is shown on AMC. The game is based on a series of choices that dictates the game’s progression. The choices you make can lead your character into a different chaotic events. The player also has the control over the course of the game. During the game, the player’s interactions with the characters is the most important, you are responsible for choosing what to say in the conversation. The pure interactivity between the main character, other characters or zombies, and in-game objects is the basic themes that are use in “The Walking Dead.” Interactivity in The Walking Dead are the conversations with each character, which is the main feature of the game…show more content…
There are a couple scenes in the game, when the player and the rest of the group are at the drugstore, the player has to decide on what to do and how to go about the tasks given. You can choose to walk around the drugstore and find he key to get in the medicine area, or you could choose to help stay in the store and fix things such as the radio or giving energy bars to your group of people, or you could also choose to help one of your group members from getting attacked by the zombies. In this episode, the player is closed in within a small environment. It allows the player to have a view of things and can choose what order to do things within the space provided. This episode allows the player to develop the stories narrative and also, build the character whom he’s playing with in the…show more content…
When playing the game there are several actions that happen, such as the beginning of the game, the player has to fight and escape away from the zombies, and while most of the scene is scripted kinda like a move, the player is given options to interact with in game object in order to kill the zombies. A given example is when the player first sees Clementine, a little girl, in the treehouse and then is attacked by a zombie. When the scene unfolds, the player must hit buttons to actually attack the zombie. This could be viewed as interactivity because the player seems to be an active part of the story, the player’s involvement is the primary source towards the game. If not being active towards the game, you could die and if you are, you can continue through the horrors of the story and also, survive. These examples illustrate “The Walking Dead’s” interactivity towards the player and the game. The player’s involvement in the game, from small actions and to the character’s conversations towards other characters with questionable outcomes, is what really explains the true adventure of this game, without the interaction, there wouldn't be any outcomes. The player’s experience in “The Walking Dead” defines the player actions and personality while playing. “The Walking Dead,” builds an experience for the player and specializes with the player’s own vision for the future of their character throughout
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