Intercountry Adoption Reflection

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The purpose of this reaction paper is to examine the thoughts and feelings of the readings for the purpose of the interjection of opinion. The chapter that I read, discussed the topic of International Adoption or what is now referenced as Intercountry Adoption. In reading the chapter I was able to learn about the history of how intercountry adoption came approximate, the negative and positive attributes of intercountry adoption, and the organization(s) that have been set in place to guide intercountry adoptions. After reading the history of intercountry adoption I now know how international adoption came to pass. A war can ravish a land, leaving the individuals in that land without basic resources for survival.
It is my thought that not only
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The adoptions probably were illegal, and certainly transformed the life of the child. Another topic that was discussed in the text was the negative and positive attributes of intercountry adoption. Reflecting on the negative effects discussed on intercountry adoption left me with a very strong feeling of displeasure, and hostility. This was not due to the regulations that were established because I feel that all entities of applicable with reason should contain rules, regulations and guidelines that protect human…show more content…
For those parents never to see their children again is devastating. It brings my mind back to the enslavement of African Americans and how their slave owners would sell off baby’s families for profit splitting them apart ripping them from who they are as if the enslavement did not already. The other negative side of intercountry adoption was the individual that adopted internationally to molest the child. I literally lost all sense of being when I read that. I immediately thought of the innocence of the child that was raped of their childhood by someone that was sick and low life enough to do something so despicable. I just cannot even famine the thought of exploiting a child to that degree. That is why there has to be rules and regulation to protect the parties involved in adoptions, I am grateful that the evidence was brought forward to shed light on the circumstances, to let agencies and individuals know that if illegal activities are taking place that there will be repercussions. The individuals that choose to undermine the principles of Intercountry adoptions should be punished to the up most extent of international
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