Intercultural Communication Culture Shock

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Abstract Communicating successfully with people from different cultures can be a real challenge. Cultural differences may lead to tensions, arguments, and even wars between peoples and nations. This paper deals with one of the most common problems in intercultural communication cultural shock, it introduces its concepts and basic traits, causes and symptoms, stages of adjustment and strategies of overcoming culture shock with the aim of improving intercultural communication competence for smoothing intercultural communication. Key words: Cultural shock; Intercultural communication; Stages of adjustment; Intercultural communication competence Wang, M. L. (2015). Culture Shock-One of Common Problems in Intercultural Communication. Cross-Cultural Communication, 11(8), 71-74. INTRODUCTION Do you think studying in a different country is something that sounds very exciting? Are you like many young people who leave home to study in another country thinking you will have lots of fun? In spite of these advantages, however, there are also some challenges you will encounter, you may experience something unfamiliar to you in an alien place. Those unfamiliar things include language, climate, religion, food and educational system, how people make decisions, spend their leisure time, resolve conflicts and express their feeling and emotions, body language such as messages on hand, face and body movements etc.. All these can create confusion and emotional stress, dealing with the
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