Intercultural Communication Importance

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intercultural communication is important for high school as well as college students because they have a future plan to do businesses in the emerging global economy. If companies are going to sell products and services nationally and internationally, then they will need a rich mix of employees with diverse perspectives and experiences. They will need top executives who understand different regions and cultures even beyond the Horn of Africa and surrounding countries. We live in the era where people, ideas, and businesses are all interconnected.

One of the most important reasons for studying intercultural communication is to gain an awareness of one‘s own cultural identity and background. In principle, the study of intercultural communication begins as a journey into another culture and reality and ends as a journey into one‘s own culture. In other words, by studying and appreciating other cultures we become aware of our own culture. If we respect the culture of other people, we expect others to respect ours. Such appreciation and respect is the foundation for the building and promotion of a culture of peace.

The ethical imperatives
Living in an intercultural world, (where people from different cultural background live and/or work) presents challenging ethical issues that can be addressed by the study of peace intercultural communication. As you are well aware, ethics may be thought of as the study of principles of conduct that help to govern the
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