Intercultural Communication Problems

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nternational Education has gained prominence the world over. Many students migrate to different parts of the world in pursuit of further education. This phenomenon comes with its own benefits and challenges. Many tertiary institutions are now promoting “internationalization”, diversity and multiculturalism, therefore encouraging qualified international students to apply for admission into these institutions. This notwithstanding, the international students come with their own beliefs and perceptions. They initially encounter problems in their attempt to settle in the host country. This research examined intercultural relations/communication problems and challenges that international students in Finland specifically in the University of Eastern Finland faced and how they overcame them. Using twenty -three (23) international students from Nigeria and Ghana as sample size, the researcher obtained data through questionnaires and gathered information on their experiences and challenges. The research results indicated that majority of the respondents did not speak the Finnish language, thereby, making it very difficult to interact and socialize as well as have access to social services. Some respondents also stated challenges in adjusting to the general Finnish way of life. The data also revealed that some intercultural barriers the respondents encountered were stereotyping, racism, discrimination etc. Furthermore, some of the respondents stated that they misconstrued and
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