Intercultural Relations: Racial Discrimination

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When Cultures Meet: Case studies in the history of relations between peoples of different cultures: Racial Discrimination in the US in the 1960’s Introduction Culture is defined in many different ways, which can lead to alternative theories, at the beginning of the twentieth century anthologist defined it as the “the way of the people or what an individual needed to know to survive in a society or what can be learnt by an individual and passed down in society. Many social scientist have try to narrow it down but this leads to debates about what should be included (Hall, et al., 2003). Culture is not as much about understanding other culture as much as shedding a light on your own culture, which helps you understand other culture then too. There are many key terms in culture, Multiculturalism, Intraculturalism and cross-cultural. There is a material and non-material culture, culture is like an iceberg, because every culture has hidden parts that only someone from that culture knows and would think it is important, there is many layers to it, fashion. Music and verbal and nonverbal symbols. To understand culture you first have to match the undelaying values. Intercultural relations in history is communication between cultures, there is three approaches in cross-cultural communication, avoidance, conversion and killing. The Americans where conversion they had the belief that their culture was superior to the African, when they took their riches and people from their country

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