Interdependence In The Film A Killer Bargain

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Former Australian politician and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said it best when he stated the dependency on each other: “What we have seen in financial markets should bring home to us all that the central organizing principle of this 21st century is interdependence. For the century just past, interdependence may have been one option among many. For the century that is to come, there is no longer an alternative.” Interdependence refers to the fact that countries need to work with each other for trade, production, and consumption of goods to keep the global economy going. The movie A Killer Bargain demonstrates how the tactic of interdependence among countries has caused come countries wealth to flourish while others sink deeper and deeper into…show more content…
When comparing Denmark and India, Denmark is clearly wealthier than India. For instance, wealth allows this country to outsource to a country like India for cheaper labor. Money continues to equal power throughout the world. Powerful countries can take advantage of poor countries all over the world. This is demonstrated in the video with the use of pesticides. Many countries in India continue to use pesticides that have been banned in Western Europe. Much of the cotton used in Europe is produced in the western part of India. These pesticides are extremely dangerous and have been linked to the rapid increase of cancer for the workers. The great demand for cotton forces workers to continue using these dangerous pesticides. Individuals need the money so badly that they are willing to risk their health to work. The authorities do not enforce the rules for protective clothing with pesticide use. When European countries continue to do business with companies that are not following safety protocols, they are supporting the idea of unsafe work environments. Powerful companies take advantage of the lack of laws and regulations to produce products at lower costs in other countries. They gain extreme amounts of profit due to the absence of laws and enforcement in India. For example, developing countries produce products at low cost because…show more content…
After viewing this video, change needs to occur. Ultimately, it will take individuals from every level to make this a reality. Cultural differences need to be respected, but these differences do not make it okay for humans to work under unethical standards. I hope individuals and private companies will do their role in bringing change to this serious issue. Interdependency is not going to go away, but we need to figure out how to work with each other while supplying ethical treatment to everyone
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