Interdisciplinary Approaches To Psychology

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We use different “approaches” of ways of knowing to understand the different fields of study or when asking questions. Interdisciplinary approaches are ways of incorporating different fields of study or academic disciplines to obtain knowledge or information about a certain about topic or situation. These approaches make connections between facts and theories from different academic disciplines to create the primary framework. When we use multiple different disciplines, we obtain different ideas, diverse ways of thinking and reaching or finding alternative solutions. The fields of study mean the branches of knowledge where different objects are studied in each branch to gain knowledge. Academic discipline is the knowledge that is divided into…show more content…
Psychology is the scientific study of mental processes, brain and behavior and how these are affected by internal processes and the environment. It plays an important role in our everyday lives to help us understand other people, ourselves and how and why something affects us. However, Psychology is heavily depended on biology because without its reasoning, we would not have been able to figure out the consequences due to our genetics or physiology. All feelings, thoughts, and behaviors we go through in our everyday lives are a result of biological and physical causes. Moreover, behavior is not only a result of the biological systems alone, but it is also affected by the kind of environment it is being caused in and how the cognition interacts with the biological systems and affect physiology. They have a bidirectional relationship where biology can affect cognition and cognition can affect biology. We have often noticed the various ups and down in our mood, memory, sexual arousal and mental illness. These behaviours would not have been explained without biology, from the physical point of view, the neurotransmitters. They send electrochemical messages to the brain for people to respond to stimuli, either from the environment or from internal changes in the body. When an electric impulse travels down the body, axon of the neuron, neurotransmitters are released which are the body’s natural chemical messenger for transmitting information from one neuron to another. After they cross the gap between the two neurons, the neurotransmitters fit into the receptor sites on the post-synaptic membrane. After passing the message, they either break down or are reabsorbed by the terminal buttons. One of the inhibitory neurotransmitters is serotonin which effects sleep, arousal levels and emotion. Low serotonin levels regulate many different processes

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