Interdisciplinary Intervention Paper

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Identifying the factors that may affect clinicians’ behaviour change to use PRO scores for clinical decision-making and to deliver self-management support for individual patient management of CLBP helps in understanding why clinicians do not implement these two components of the interdisciplinary intervention. This lead to better understanding the gap, which in turn helps choosing the most appropriate intervention, knowledge translation (KT) intervention, to address this gap. This may optimize the interdisciplinary intervention and in turn improve the patients’ health outcomes. The 14 behavior change domains are mapped on behaviour change techniques to select the most appropriate strategies interventions components to overcome the barriers and strengthen the facilitators [265]. The objective of this study is to optimize the delivery of an interdisciplinary intervention for individuals with CLBP in 4 Health and Social Services Centres (CSSSs) by using patient reported PRO scores and delivering self-management support to guide LBP treatment goals. The specific objectives are to: 1) identify the barriers and facilitators to use PRO scores in the clinical practice and to deliver self-management support for individual patient…show more content…
steps) in the framework: Which intervention components (behaviour change techniques and mode(s) of delivery) could overcome the modifiable barriers (gaps) and enhance the enablers? And how can behaviour change be measured and understood? To answer these two questions, we need first to establish the content of the intervention that need to be delivered, then we will be able to identify possible and feasible modes of delivery [265, 266]. The appropriate behaviour change techniques will be selected based on a matrix developed by experts in the field, and it mapped barriers related TDF domains to the most appropriate behaviour techniques [265]. (the barriers have not been assessed
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