Interest-Based, Problem-Solving Method

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Interest-Based, Problem-Solving involves the needs, concerns, or desires that underlie the positions that people take. We use this type of method to help answer questions such as why? and why not? It’s not a complicated why of solving problems, but it does take some time. “An interest-based approach recognizes that using power within a relationship to force an agreement often results in decisions that are unwise, are of poor quality, or are not accepted or supported by those who will carry them out” (Polzin & DeLord, 2006, pg. 34). We simply can’t be bullies when it comes to using this method. Everyone has to be in agreement with what actions that will be used to carry out the problems. There are six steps when using the Interest-Based, Problem-Solving Method: (1) Select an issue or problem to address; clarify and build understanding about the issue, (2) Identify the stakeholders (who are affected) and their interest, needs or concerns about the issue, (3) Invent options that might address all or some of the interests, (4) Evaluate the options against the interest; identify overarching interests that is interests that are shared by all) that any solution should meet; discuss the…show more content…
Lastly, the department needs to put the officers on administration release why the investigation is underway. Step five, everyone needs to sit down and discuss the procedures so the community has a better understanding what the officer’s jobs are when called to a situation like this. You also what to talk about ways you can prevent an event like this from happening again in the future. Lastly, the community and the police department need to develop plans on how to prevent this. The community should come up with a plan like neighbor watch, which allows the community to help out before involving the police. Something like this might have prevented an event like

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