Interface In Internet-Based Learning

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Interface is required to deliver the content. Interface is connection between the content and the participant or instructor. In Internet-based learning, the interface could be a learning management system, Synchronous communication tool, asynchronous communication tool, E-mail program. The interface is what instructor and participant see. It is also the layer that allows the instructor and participants to manipulate the content by selecting a path through it or actively change it. In more traditional environment, the interface may be face to face communication between the instructor and the participants, the distribution of handouts, or the use of reference material from books and journals. In Internet-based learning, the interface must be…show more content…
Discussion forum, Emails, Blogs, Video streaming, pod cast, social networking sites are often used to facilitate asynchronous communication. With the help of this asynchronous communication tools communication can be conducted between facilitator and learners, and among learners. There are number of learning activities that can be developed using asynchronous communication tools, Such as moderator-led discussion, free-flow discussion, peer reviews, debates, individual journals, team case study, etc. (Jolliffe, A., & Ritter, J.,…show more content…
In Internet-based learning, the infrastructure layer includes the computer, the computer operating system, the connection to the Internet, and the Internet services available to the instructor and participants. The infrastructure determines what the instructor and participants are able to do on the Internet, how easy an Internet connection is to make, and how fast and slow connection will be. In a more traditional environment, the interface may be a typical classroom or training room, chairs desks, a whiteboard or chalkboard, and the other accouterments of this style of learning. In Internet-based learning the infrastructure should play an invisible support role.

3. Challenges faced by facilitator/instructor in Online Support

The strategies and techniques as well as technology used in online tutoring vary according to the context for the learning experience, the pedagogy adopted and the needs of students. However, there are some issues and experiences that cut across most learning situations. Issues can be; technology issues, issue in selecting tools techniques and structures for online learning, participation issues.

Technology issues - Tutors and students need to have technology related skill in order for online learning to be successful. However, for many students it is a desire to learn about technology that motivates them to take an online course, and the course may provide them with their first
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