Family System Theory In Social Work

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When Social Worker meet clients with many differents types of problem , it is important to start where the clients is.Therefore, this is one of the reasons that it important we treat our clients and their problems differently. The reason for that, it is a way to find solution relate to our clients problems so we use techniques and models.The family system theory was developed in 1954 by Dr. Murray Bowen. According to Bowen, he believe that a change in one member of the family will followed by changes in all members of the family.He look at family problems from the past affect the client and clients in present day.Therefore, he believe that in order to see relationship between each members of the family and the problems they had in the past that are constantly repeating throughout…show more content…
Undifferentiated individuals cannot isolate sentiments and musings; when requested that think, they are overwhelmed with emotions, and experience issues thinking coherently and constructing their reactions in light of that.Parentified child clarifies that the individual no more trusts in reasonableness or equity from relative or the outside world since they tackle parts at youthful age.Family emotion process have to do with the family capacity to manage stress.Furthermore, the capacity to corrspond with each other one during a period of progress.As for family projection,is when problems are gone on to another member of the family.Lastly, triangular involve three person relationship system.For example, when one person in the family have problem with another member of the family.As a result, he or she involve another member in order to help solve the problem or for

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