Intergroup Conflict In The Workplace

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Intergroup Conflict in the Workplace
Kaci McCurdy
Spring 2018
Belhaven University – Jackson, MS In any organization big or small, one can expect conflicts to arise. In the past conflicts within an organization was considered to be detrimental to an organization and had to be terminated. In today 's would not all conflict is deemed to be wrong but at the same time, some conflict is not considered suitable. There has to be a way to set a balance because having too much conflict can cause problems and not having enough conflict can cause problems. There are different types of conflicts, and they all can create a difference in organizational performance. Intergroup conflict can be caused by a variety of different things, and resolutions to these conflicts can be challenging. The two types of conflict discussed in our reading are functional and dysfunctional conflict. According to Ivancevich, Konopaske, and Matteson (2014), “A functional conflict is a confrontation between groups that enhances and benefits the organization’s performance. A dysfunctional conflict is any confrontation or interaction between groups that harms the organization or hinders the achievement of organizational goals” (p.305). Functional conflict within an organization challenges individuals to change and not become so content. Dysfunctional conflict must be addressed quickly and eliminated. The influence that conflict has in an organization depends on how much and how well the conflict is managed
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