Interior Design: Interior Arches

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Interior arches are an elegant design option , which adds to the functionality of any space and immediately becomes its focal point. Arches can soften the look of any room, they add architectural character and visual interest and help create inviting spaces with touches of drama and sophistication. Furthermore, when it comes to open-concept layouts, arches help define separate zones while still keeping them open to one another yet maintaining a certain degree of privacy. Commonly, arches are used as a zoning element between entrance areas and living rooms, kitchen and dining areas, and bedrooms and closets. In terms of materials, anything from stone and brick to wood and metal can be used to construct arches. With so many types of arches,…show more content…
Furthermore, they are a key feature of Mediterranean and Tuscan styles and help lend interiors inspired by these styles an unmistakable look and timeless charm. Above, a Mediterranean-inspired bedroom with a contemporary twist. In earthy colors, with exposed ceiling beams and a bed positioned in an arched niche, this bedroom radiates warmth, coziness, and elegance. A unique carved headboard adds extra visual interest. Definitely and inviting bedroom. Stone and brick arches are commonly used in traditionally styled interiors. They look imposing and when complemented by exposed wood, whether ceilings, flooring, or walls, aches help create spaces that exude warmth, coziness, and Old-world charm and elegance and add texture, architectural interest, and tons of personality. In the picture above, a Tuscan-inspired space in neutral yet warm hues. A stone arched wall connects and defines a living room and a kitchen. Comfortable furniture and furnishings add elegance and sophistication. Truly impressive space with an organic…show more content…
This solution also works well in any space and style, from classic bedrooms to contemporary kitchens and entries. However, wooden trims are more suitable for traditional settings. Above shown is a space with a distinctive architectural character and an extensive use of wood. Wood trimmed arches immediately grab the eye and add a sense of harmony. An embellished fireplace create a feel of warmth and coziness. An oversized wall clock positioned just above the fireplace brings extra visual interest. In contemporary designs, there are quick and budget-friendly ways to build arches, such as using polyurethane and gypsum plasterboard. Both are flexible, moisture-resistant, and easy-to-work-with materials. In addition, they can be finished as to fit in with the setting. Types Sometimes decorated with moldings and cornices, arches are extensively used in both traditional- and contemporary-style interiors for creating open-floor designs. Although designers come up with numerous solutions, which depend mainly on whether they are incorporated for structural or purely decorative reasons, arches fall into some main
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