Personalized Interior Design

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Knowledge of design basics is the key to the successful planning and implementation of any interior design project. The elements and principles of design would create general and universal ideas which apply to every aspect of design. Once designers understand how people perceive and react to their environments, they can use the elements and principles of design to form a whole composition.
A design is created with these elements; light, form, color, shape, space, texture. They can be elements that make up a painting, drawing and totally create any work of art. Also a successful interior design, as an important part of human’s life would be the result of combination and cooperation of these components.
The purpose of this study is to identify
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The literature reveals that personalization has a positive effect on employees’ productivity, and the same assumption is being tested in this study for the offices. The area chosen is architect’s offices in Iran and India. The study will be based on primary data collected through a structured questionnaire.

The impact and significance of office interior design on employees’ satisfaction and productivity is addressed in this study. Satisfaction with the physical environment is related to how much the employee is allowed to personalize their work area. People seem to have a human need of personalization 1. Personalization has been not just limited to bring some family photos to work station or having few pots on shelves. It’s a broad concept could cover all the movable and fixed elements in the spaces.
In the context of Iran and India, Very few researches can be found in the field of interior design, which attempt to improve the quality of design with respect to personalization in work environment. This huge gap needs to be filled by new research
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They can use colour to motivate, or just relax during working hours. Since researchers couldn’t introduce guidelines and formula for the use of Colour, others developed them. In the twentieth century, many seekers appeared to believe that the arts, especially music and the visual arts, could not be considered genuinely respectable unless law could be found that explained them and defined their purposes. If Colour harmony and other forms of beauty could be shown to have a rational basis, the arts would be revealed as more than just aesthetic. They would assume a position among the verities, an expression of natural law6.
Variety of Lighting in one’s office would make a very significant contribution to the overall satisfaction that a building occupier and customer will experience. Visual comfort in a room will rely on the Lighting of areas such as light sources inside the area of view. If areas are too shiny or the contrast amongst lit areas is too high this will make glare. His research that personal control over an individual’s work table has a positive impact on their convenience and inspiration. Individual control can be over shutters, the illuminance level on the table and the air conditioning of that
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