Interior Design Purpose Essay

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I am fascinated by how interior spaces can provide leisure and social aspects to the society. I have been observing the surrounding environment, especially the spatial arrangement and architecture of buildings since young. Interior design intrigues me not only because it beautifies living spaces, giving them unique characters, but also transform them into practical and purposeful parts of our lives. I believe that pursuing interior design at university will help me connect with other talents in the designing process such as architects and clients, enabling me to expose myself to the cultural diversity of designing. I became particularly keen on pursuing the field of hotel interiors when I came across Ian Schrager’s work. Schrager’s London…show more content…
I realise that the latest trends are harkening back to a minimalist approach to interior design, which is becoming more popular among the newly built boutique hotels such as Hotel Lone in Croatia. These aesthetic tactics of spatial arranging serve an impression of extreme simplicity - “less is more” – where accessories, furniture, and artwork serve as the focal point of the space. I am especially fond of the sophistication, simplicity and desire for perfect order that Minimalism conveys. I love staying abreast with the latest design trends through medias and travelling and I believe that understanding the trends will not only enable me to follow them but to transcend them in the…show more content…
I enjoyed liaising with different people to discuss the design needs within budget constraints and working around the ways I could make my design of tablescapes and the event concept as a whole happen. I made real the students’ desired theme ‘Bal Des Edelweiss’- To see an idea start from a sketch becoming a physical reality was truly an incredible process to be a part of. My perspective drawing skills had strengthened as I used it often to layout my designs and I have also explored a wide range of alternative accessories for affordable

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