Interior Design Research Paper

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A professional who is qualified, trained and experienced, uses evaluation and experimentation to enhance the function and qualities of architectural interior spaces (What is interior design? [sa).The IID is an association member of SACAP, and IID membership ensures a professional designer’s status as a qualified, seasoned and ethical practitioner of the interior design profession in South Africa (About the IID [sa]).Different qualifications in Interior Design in South Africa range from a three year national diploma, a four year honours degree/BTech, to a five year university qualification in Interior Architecture.According to Alecia Plaetz ([sa]:[sp]), the role of interior design aims to enhance the characteristics and functionality of…show more content…
Interior design involves an expansive discipline that goes far beyond decorating, as an interior designer is familiar with the national building regulations of South Africa, understands the importance of space planning and functionality, and can provide illustrations and renders that convey the design concepts in a clear and concise manner (Alecia Plaets ([sa]:[sp]).The role of the interior designer/architect and the interior decorator, while interchangeable, vary. The interior designer/architect is a professional qualified by recognized skills, education…show more content…
An individual who undertakes the planning, developing and building of a structure. The contractor manages the construction process thoroughly to ensure that all essential measures are taken and followed through to achieve a successful finished product The building contractor is accountable for the individual planning and carrying through all activities relevant to the construction process, as well as supervising employees and ensuring that the project meets South Africa’s building legislation and regulations. The building contractor’s responsibilities include hiring workers, developing a timeline in which the project must be completed, payroll, obtaining building materials and all necessary licenses and zoning permits, adhering to regulations, and establishing a budget to ensure that the project is

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