Intermarriages And Cross Cultural Diaspora

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The Twenty-first century is an era of globalization with the result that there is an ever increasing connectedness internationally. They may be travelling as a tourist, studying abroad, working in distant country or merely fleeing inhospitable climate of oppression and political discord resulting in blatant violation of human rights as well as basic necessities for life. People and sometimes refugees from trouble stricken countries like Syria or Afghanistan are seen in crossings. Along with intercontinental mobility comes the intercultural understanding that is always seen to change their worldviews and cultural values once they venture out of their home country. According to Berry, the cultural views can change when they undergo an adaptation or integration process. The intermarriages and cross-cultural interactions have diverse impacts.
This age is seeing a great number of people who migrate from their native country and settling in a different culture and occasionally repeating this several times. Caryl Phillips was born in St Kitts, migrated with his family to Britain when he was four months old. He was brought up in Leeds, Yorkshire and studied English Literature at Oxford University. He now lives in the United States of America and teaches at Yale University. Thus its very clear that he represents a true Diaspora. Jamaica Kincaid was born in St. John’s, Antigua and at the age of sixteen she left for the United States of America. She lives in Vermont and teaches at
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