Intermediate Academic Goals

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It is important to set goals because without setting goals nothing or nearly as many activities will get done. Goals give us motivation, so setting goals in college will give us a purpose to graduate. Lastly, setting long term goals will allow us to complete transformations so large they are unimaginable right now. No matter how short or long term the goal is, it is important.
An intermediate academic goal I want to set for myself is to neatly rewrite all my homework for each class. If I rewrite my homework on a computer sticky note, I will have a better idea on how much homework I actually have. Therefore, I will not procrastinate because I will constantly see the list of all the activities I need to complete. Without procrastination, I will have a higher chance of finishing all my assignments. Another similar intermediate academic goal I will start doing is writing out all the quiz and test dates for every class, so I am not surprised when tests are handed out. It will also allow me to have time to study in advance.
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One goal is to keep and organize all of my homework assignments, so I can use them to study for quizzes and tests. I will also start taking notes every time I have reading for a class, so I will be more prepared for my tests. Taking notes while reading a textbook allows me to really see if I understand the material. The reason being I will have to understand the material in order to write the concepts in my own words. Also, I will be able to easily review my notes whenever I want. Lastly, two long-term academic goals I will do this year is keeping a cumulative 3.0 GPA, so I can keep my scholarship. I will also think about looking for work related to my field so I can build connections for the
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