Disadvantages Of Fasting

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“The very act of eating can be exhausting; it takes a lot of energy to digest food. When the body is freed from that chore, it naturally feels lighter and much more vibrant.”
— Allan Cott, Author of ‘Fasting As A Way of Life’

For many people, the concept of intermittent fasting may rather seem difficult to master. They perceive it as a potentially unsafe activity, which causes complications and confusions in one’s personal life or lifestyle.

That is why, as much as possible, it is very important to have a comprehensive understanding of intermittent fasting. You have to grasp fully several interesting ideas before you can regard yourself even a beginner, or let alone a full-fledged master,
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Furthermore, when your body utilizes proteins as its energy source, you will experience losses of muscle tissues, a weakened immune system, an inferior bone and skin health, and hampered healing processes on body infections.

Besides, extended durations of fasting usually incur a higher occurrence and risk of acetaminophen poisoning in the body, together with undesirable changes in your blood chemistry. In other words, a prolonged fast will minimize the effectiveness of your accompanying diet.

While fasting is safe, an extended period of starvation is not. As a resolve, adjust continuously your intermittent fasting regimen until you are able to find the most suitable and convenient dietary routine.

On one hand, while your body feels that it could no longer take or tolerate an extended fasting program, it would simply be prudent to abbreviate immediately your fasting period. Never try to gamble or test your body to step up further.

On the other hand, while your body feels that it could be totally fit to withstand or pursue a prolonged fasting period, it would only be practical to allow your body availing for the maximum allowable fasting duration. As a review, you should perform your fast by not exceeding beyond the standard 36-hour
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