Intermittent Fasting Research Paper

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Mary Williams has been overweight her entire life. She has temporarily lost weight by exhausting every diet fad on the market since the age of sixteen. In the past, Mary lost ten to fifteen pounds every other year, but never seems to keep the weight off for very long until she recently she began a voluntary abstinence from food of drink technique called intermittent fasting. Since Mary began intermittent fasting, she has lost 100 hours in one year and has sustained the weight loss. Various research studies have shown intermittent fasting is beneficial to fighting against obesity, reducing risks of chronic diseases, and help with psychological issues whereas conventional dieting seem not to work. Intermittent fasting has been around since human existence before the development of agriculture, grocery stores, or mini markets humans survived on sporadic food intake due to their hunter way of life.…show more content…
There are several recommended methods of intermittent fasting and time frames for consumption of food and beverages. For example, there is the 8/16 cycle, which is a specific time of food consumption within an 8- hour window by skipping breakfast, and eating your first meal at noon and your last meal at 8 pm. Most people prefer this method because it is mostly durable than choice of methods. In additional to the 8/16 fasting cycle, and method is the 5:2 day per week fast, which involves eating a 5-day of the week, while restricting calories to 500-600 in two days of the week. In addition to the 8- hour window, and 5:2 days per week, Despite the method of choice, many people seeing promising and beneficial results. The goal of this research paper, is to inform the reader of benefits of intermittent

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