Transportation And Intermodal Competition In The Transportation Industry

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Competition is a social process that involves a number of individuals or groups who seek to improve the quality of performance with better quality and higher speed with the same goals and objectives in a business venture. The competition is divided into two, namely intramodal and intermodal competition. Train service providers face competition from other service trains and also called intramodal competition such as the Kuala Lumpur Monorail, RapidKL, Light Railway Transit (LRT) and others, but the train service provider can also face competition from other modes of transport and is also known as intermodal. The definition of intermodal competition is the transport of goods by various modes of transportation in which the whole transport organizer…show more content…
Even in the same mode of transport rail services also face intense competition between them. In many countries rail transport competition is fierce because there are many companies providing the same type of transport. But in comparison with the competition in the industry Malaysia train services are just a few companies that are involved in it such as Malayan Railway (KTBM), Light Railway Transit (LRT), Kuala Lumpur Monorail and others. By the same competition in the industry is not significant because although there are many in the services train but every train has different routes and their destinations are different. This does not affect any railway industry. This competition is in the form of services or service where any trains have a degree of comfort that differ, the cost, speed and reliability. Generally, the train offers a faster, cheaper fares, and can ease traffic congestion downtown area. Therefore, as market forces would normally not internally that benefit, the government can intervene either directly through financial support, or indirectly through regulation, to influence the pattern of services that otherwise the market will…show more content…
The competition between different modes of transport, which involves all of this affects any transport in Malaysia. But the competition between rail and other modes of transport is very significant. The use of a selection of train services to the population in cities than in rural areas and its impact demand for rail service is not encouraging. This is because according to the percentage of use of statistical studies railways as a public service is considered only 10% as compared to road transport. This is evident when there is a lot of traffic accidents than accidents involving trains. But in foreign countries train services to major transportation systems and also the choice of transportation for their

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