Personal Statement: A Career In Physical Therapy

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Learning Objectives
The roles and responsibilities that I must take as an intern are based on the needs of the facility and the management of the organization. It is my job an intern to try to learn as much as possible about physical therapy and what is expected of physical therapist. The way that I learn these things is by asking question from my supervisor while they are performing task with the patient, also by paying close attention to the way they complete the task and take very detail notes while I am observing the instruction that is given to the patient from the physical therapist.
There are a few goals that I want to achieve as an intern. The first goal is to learn as much as possible about physical therapy in the sense of providing the best hands on rehabilitation possible while trying to surpass the patient expectations on what their outcome would be after
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I also want to be able to learn and use the language of the physical therapist in a clinical setting so that the people around me will understand what I am trying say about the patients and their rehab progression. The next goal I want to achieve from this internship is being able to recognized all the equipment in the gym, and know how to use the equipment very well so I will not…show more content…
From these opportunities I think I have gained some great attribute that will translate well for me finding a job in this career later on in life. I also understand that just because I've learned somethings about this profession from other physical therapy setting does not mean I know everything that there is to know about physical therapy. That’s why I think this current internship will teach me somethings that I have not yet learned, while at the same giving me the chance to enhance some of the skills that I have previously learned from my brief experience in this
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