Internal And External Analysis Of Walt Disney

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Internal/External Analysis
Internal Audit
• Company has good relationship with the suppliers.
• Company is also maintaining healthy relationship with collective bargaining agent (CBR).
• Disney is one of the most recognizable entertainment company in the world
• They have strong advertising
• Wide and unique portfolio of the company
• Innovative entertainment business
• Strong customer service
• Strong Media Networks and Broadcasting division
• Disney owns a variety of companies, which allows them to generate more profits from different industry such as Media Networks and Broadcasting, Park and Resorts, Studio Entertainment and Disney Consumer Products
• Disney is the largest worldwide licensor of character-based merchandise and producer of children’s film-related products based on retail sales
Walt Disney is financially strong.
• The operational system is inclusive of procedures, processes & operations management reflects the element of that the company is meeting the desired standards.
• Walt Disney is capable of producing new Products and Services in a short span of time.
• Walt Disney needs more rigorous analysis in understanding the consumer behavior.
• Walt Disney needs improvement in tracking the changes in cultural values.
• Walt Disney also does need strategic improvement in conducting the segmentation and applying soft techniques namely psychographic and lifestyle.
• The mission of the company strategic directions and long-term
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