Internal And External Conflict In A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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A Separate Peace
The novel “A Separate Peace” by John Knowles mainly talks about the relationship between two adolescents, Gene and Finny who were best friends and roommates during the World War II. The plot takes place at the Devon School in New Hampshire during a wartime. The two boys went on lots of adventures together and went through some ups and downs too. . As reading this piece one of the main themes that highlights the story is what rivalry and jealousy can cause to a friendship. It is very common to find struggles between men and women in literary pieces, and on this novel it is possible to encounter several conflicts and struggles among men, in which some are succeeded and others aren’t.
Throughout the novel, the two main characters experiences some internal and external conflicts. The two boys went on lots of adventures together, but in some of those they had to do things that they were not pleased to do, but did anyways because they didn’t want to disappoint one another. The main external conflict happens when Finny, whose actual name is Phineas, suffers an accident caused by Gene. It is possible to encounter a lot of internal conflicts too throughout the story. The main ones are the feeling of rivalry that Gene senses against Finny, along with the consequences that the feelings brings, and the difficulty for Finny to accept what had happened to him and how it happened.
One of the internal conflicts Gene had to face and he did not succeed to overcome, lead him
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