Internal And External Conflict In R's 'Laurie'

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Although Laurie was facing internal and external conflict, she finally resolves each conflict. For instance, some major internal conflicts included the constant contemplations whether Lia was harmless or evil and her life as a formless figure. As in illustration, Laurie pursued to find a reason to connect with Lia as they were “identical sisters, drawn together by a force that transcended logic.” despite being aware of the horrid acts she committed. (213) This suggests that she was conflicted upon her feelings directed to Lia. Finally, this was solved as Laurie concludes to the realization that Lia is a great threat. According to the selection on page 225, Laurie recognizes, “Lia was dangerous, more dangerous than I had ever imagined!” This…show more content…
For one, she became her own person throughout the course of this book. At first, she was dating the most popular person in school, Gordon, did not have a secure group of friends, and overall simply followed the others without opinions, or opinions that were important. Due to Lia, however, she made stronger bonds and had a voice that mattered to those around her regardless of Lia potentially demolishing her life. For example, if Lia or “Laurie” was not spotted being unloyal with Gordon in the beginning of the book, and later never made the attempt to harm the important characters like Jeff Rankin and Helen Tuttle, the thought would never provoke Laurie and Jeff to make any further effort in communication. In the passage, because Lia caused them to fall into the rocks, they learned more about each other. In fact, Jeff even said “I love you.” to Laurie during that event. (164) In other words, Jeff played a very important role in Lia’s life that added to her changing. Without the conflicts and obstacles Laurie faced, their relationship would not exist. Ultimately, if these problems never interfered with her life, she would not be able to change into the person she
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