Internal And External Conflict In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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In Hamlet, there are many internal and external conflicts. Some of those conflicts are struggles with society, How and when to take revenge, his own family struggles, the quality of life and death, and his feelings for Ophelia. Many of the action towards the conflicts can be questionable. Such as killing Polonius, his behavior with Gertrude his mother and his behavior with Ophelia. For his how and when to take revenge, he does actually go through with it in act five scene two. He did have another opportunity to kill Claudius before in act three scene three, but he doesn 't because Claudius is praying, asking for forgiveness of his sin which was killing Hamlet 's father. However, there is a time that he gets off track on what he needs to do. At that point in time his dead dad comes as a ghost and reminds him what he needs to do. Hamlet’s how and when to take revenge happens shortly after Hamlet learns from Horatio that Horatio had believed to see Hamlet’s father is haunting the castle, also that the ghost has been haunting the castle for 3 nights. When “Hamlet finally comes face to face with the ghost it is far away from the others and it is the outer walls of the castle. The ghost reveals to Hamlet that he was murdered by his brother Claudius when he was sleeping in the garden by dumping poison into his killing him. King Hamlet wants Hamlet to take avenge his father 's death (Act 1, Scene 5 - Act 2, Scene 1).”
Hamlet 's struggles with his own family happens when Hamlet
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