Internal And External Factors Affect UK Inbound And Domestic Tourism

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P4 Explain how internal and external factors affect UK inbound and domestic tourism. There are many internal and external factors that can affect both Inbound and domestic tourism. Internal Factors Internal factors are factors within the country that affects both inbound and domestic tourism. Internal factors can be: • Health, Safety and security: Over the past few years terrorism has become a worry for many people and visitors both inbound and domestic visitors. With terrorism on the rise security has also been tightened to help make sure that people feel safe when they visit a country. Terrorist activity such as the Manchester bombings and the London bridge bombings has an effect on inbound tourist as they may become hesitant in visiting the UK and its main cities this also affect domestic visitors they will also be discouraged in traveling to destinations that has been terrorized in the past before. Terrorist attacks have greatly affected the inbound and domestic tourist greatly as they are concerned about their safety when travelling to certain countries. The UK has gone stricter over the past years with health and safety and security therefore tourist can expect to be safe when traveling and staying in their desired destinations. People’s behaviour change when they travel to a new environment. They become more relaxed in the environment that they are in and are more susceptible to crime than local people. This also applies domestic tourist even though they are

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