Internal And External Factors Affecting Tesla's Marketing Plan

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These barriers are divided into internal and external factors. These barriers can affect Tesla marketing planning.  Internal Factor 1. Behavioral Barriers The behavioral characteristics of the workforce can greatly influence the marketing plan. If Tesla goes into other countries ' markets, its marketing team may be conservative. So its marketing plan will be more careful and will require more time to run the program. In this way, Tesla can ensure appropriate returns and stable growth rates. Because it takes a long time to make a marketing plan, it will delay the entry of Tesla into new markets. In addition, if Tesla launched marketing plan is conservative, it will reduce the competitiveness of Tesla and make it difficult for the local people…show more content…
Therefore, Tesla needs to train the marketing team into an attempt and adopt a proactive or innovative marketing strategy. This will increase the competitiveness of Tesla and rapidly increase the market share.  Solution of Culture Barriers Tesla 's marketing manager needs to understand the local market environment before Tesla enters new markets. For example, make, a, proposal, and collection of local data. Managers should follow the local environment and local preferences and other information to make a proposal. This proposal allows Tesla to make a reference. This allows Tesla to have sufficient data to develop local marketing policies.  Solution of Communication Barriers Tesla communicates with employees though email, but this method has the opportunity to pass through some error messages. As a result, Tesla should meet regularly with staff from different departments. At meetings, employees can find problems or they don 't understand something 's in marketing policies. Employees can ask questions and solve problems immediately. This will ensure that employees ' marketing strategies are not
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