Internal And External Factors In Frankenstein Essay

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Mary Shelly’s novel, Frankenstein, a modern Prometheus teaches that like a youth in modern society, the creature’s development was influenced by both internal and external factors.

Parenting a child has many similarities in creating a creature like in the book Frankenstein. Victor wants the glory and success of creating a creature or human that was once dead and bringing it back to life. What he doesn't understand is the love and care he will need to control this creature and that is what he fails to do as a parent of this life. Mary Shelley did a good job of taking things from not a big deal and exaggerating it into a problem. A parent has to raise a child with love, provisions, and having responsibilities. Theres times where a parent will be angry, disappointed but can't always control the child they produce. Mary Shelly’s
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Being a parent has many tips and tricks to making sure the child is taken care of properly. The parent has to have the responsibility, unconditional love and provisions the parent needs to have the responsibility to show leadership and so the child can look up to them. Having an unconditional love means the parent loves the child no matter what, even if they cause trouble or make their parents mad or upset. With provisions comes to giving the child clothes, shelter, food and the love they need. When it comes to being a parent Victor failed in many ways he let his anger, disappointment and lack of control get in the way. Being angry with a child means you mad with the decisions they made and it’s the parent's job to talk to them about it. When a parent is disappointed with their child they're just upset not angry, you tell the child why and tell them this is how you fix this. A parent can only control their kids for so long having a lack of
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