Internal And External Factors Of Tesco

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The internal and external factors are a big influence on person zeal to change or develop their actions. In 1930 the theorist Elton Mayo hinted that the motivation at work is stimulated by good teamwork, better communication, involving others in the decision making make employees feel valued. Lastly guaranteeing the work itself is interesting and not boring. Employees feel motivated in a work place when giving a degree of freedom in making alternatives by granting their social needs. Effective communication among employees rise up productivity and moderate errors, it makes an operation to run smoothly and profitable. Employees value good channel of communication from the management because it builds a beneficial work environment. Inadequate communication in a work place can lead to frustration and confusion in the work environment. Tesco usually go through 1 to 1 discussions with managers through the company database system or newsletters. Daily team meeting is also prepared to update the staff on the present conditions of the day and also give out value awards from any member of staff as a form of praising achievement. Tesco also motivate it employees through training and development opportunities. The company involves in the development of an employee and have executed a feedback system which serve as a personal development tool that requires feedback, which help employees to scale, their behavior, strengths and weakness inside the work environment, which gives room for
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