Internal And External Factors Of Women Entrepreneurship In India

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Dr. Sow. Munde S.D.
Department of Commerce,
KSGM college, Dharmapuri, Tq. Parli (V.) Dist. Beed

“All nations have achieved greatness by paying proper respect to women. That country… and the nation which do not respect women has never become great, nor will ever be in future.”
- Swami Vivekananda
ABSTRACT: Woman constitutes the family, which leads to society and Nation. Social and economic development of women is necessary for overall economic development of any society or a country. Entrepreneurship is the state of mind which every woman has in her but has not been capitalized in India in way in which it should be. Due to change in environment , now people are some more comfortable to accept leading role of women in our society, though there are some exceptions. Our increasing dependency on service sector has created many entrepreneurial opportunities especially for women where they can excel their skills with maintaining balance in their life. Purpose of this empirical study is intended to find out various motivating and de-motivating internal and external factors of women entrepreneurship. It is an attempt to qualify some for non parametric factors to give the sense of ranking these factors. It will also suggest the way of eliminating and reducing hurdles of the women entrepreneurship development in Indian Context.
KEY WORDS: Women Entrepreneurship, development of women
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