Internal And External Factors That Influence Safety Culture

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Introduction There are many factors which shape health and safety at work and safety culture is one of them. The purpose of this paper is to explore that factors surround safety culture in an organization. Safety culture can be define as internal and external factors which may impact an organisation negatively or positively. Some of those impact can be influence by management commitment, communication, production service demand, competence and employee representative Hughes and Ferrett, (2009).These internal factors can be portrayed differently in business and organisation because of their agenda-setting. Reason for this is that every company has what it would like to accomplish on a daily basis and some of those internal factors can influence the…show more content…
These resources can be for example the public, legislation, insurance companies, trade unions, economic and commercial stakeholders Hughes and Ferrett, (2009). External factors are sometimes known to be what cause businesses and organisation to make mistakes or to behavior accordingly because everyone is watching their every move and step This too can create gaps and pressure for oganisations and businesses which may affect its safety culture. There are two main outcome of safety culture factors the can influences and impact a organisation or business. These two outcome are positive impact or negative impact, which shapes the way a company manage its resources or its downfall. It's safe to say that each organisation safety culture will differ in terms of attitude, behaviour or productivity, this too often depends on the structure of the organisation and it targets Hofstede and Gert Jan Hofstede, (2012) This paper will explore safety culture as management human error(internal) and legislation (external) that influence organisations or businesses way of doing things. It will explain the positive and negative effect of safety culture. In addition to a generally view on how safety culture can also play a role or influences regarding safety…show more content…
Many organisation argue that they should move away from the ideology of HSE legislation standards because of it’s many regulation(red-tape) affect the way business is done The Rt Hon Michael Fallon et al., 2013). The reason organisation believes in a more “laissez faire” way of doing things, it that is help drives the market into a more competitive form of business in comparison to the “laissez faire” of trade Kelloway and Cooper,

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