Internal Audit Research Paper

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Internal auditors Internal auditors provide operational, strategic, and tactical value to the business. They inform the Change Advisory Board and management about the other stakeholders’ understanding of change management and adherence to policies. They validate the efforts of management to be effective and proactive in facing current and future threats. They compare present practices within the organization with regulatory guidelines and industry practices. What are the responsibilities of internal auditors? (1) Possess the skills necessary to perform change management audits (2) Understand the technical and business environment, as well as factors that influence the change control effectiveness (3) Learn how to assess change management…show more content…
Audit Planning (1) Development of initial audit plan by the audit team (2) Stakeholders and auditors review the steps of the audit program and determine important players and resources (3) Collection of program documentation by change management staff (4) Initial review of the change management process with the support of management (5) Drafting of the internal plan by the audit team (6) Management and the Board of Directors offer feedback on the plan Audit Testing (1) Independent assessment of the conduct of the change management program (2) Discussion of the testing goals and methods involving the management and the audit team (3) Management offer productive input on the evaluation methods prior to sign off (4) Preparation of summaries of important audit findings (5) Change manager gives comments and feedback on the summaries (6) Proactive communication and thorough documentation prevent conflicts and surprises (7) Management ensures all audit points are valid and relevant (8) Proposed action plans must be achievable, cost effective, appropriate and have a lasting effect Audit Testing Processes (1) Auditors and managers have kick-off meeting (2) Support of managers through documentation and…show more content…
The audit team submits the audit report to the Board of Directors and management in a transparent and open process. It determines improvement opportunities. It is the objective of auditors and management to address the critical issues of change management first. Then, they address the important ones next. Managers and auditors ensure that goals are achievable and useful to the company. Managers assess the corrective actions needed based on the findings of the audit team. They offer support and oversight to ensure the resolution of issues in a timely manner. The audit team cannot dictate decisions. It can only make recommendations based on its assessments of the change management

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