External Combustion Engine Essay

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Internal Combustion Engines Tecnology is progressing so fast. Engines is the biggest one. Engines history is long complex also easy and fast. Internal combustion engines and external combustion engines are the most importants and most commonly used. External combostion engines system is reaction happening at outside engine after power goes to engine and these energy is scarttered from engine to different side of machine. This machine start to move. For example Some train work with coal, lokomotive engine are work with external combustion engine. At internal combustion system is totally different from external copmbustion engine.Internal combustion engine has a three different option. These are two stroke, four stroke and five stroke. Also…show more content…
James Atkinson invented the Atkinson cycle engine at 1882. Atkinson’s engine had one power phase per revolution together with different intake and expansion volumes making it more efficient than the Otto cycle. fourteen years leater Karl Benz invented the boxer engine, also known as the horizontally opposed engine, in which the corresponding pistons reach top dead center at the same time, thus balancing each other in momentum. Boxer engine still using from big engines companies like subaru, some volkswagen, toyota, alfa romeo, bmw cars. Boxer engines the best advantages is balance. Density is equal at left side and right side in the car so car fuel comsuption, balance is better than other engines. At 1900 Two important things happen for internal combustion engines. First one Rudolf Diesel demonstrated the diesel engines in 1900 Expostion Universelleusing peanut oil. Now, Diesel engines the most used engine in the World. Other important thing happened from Wilhelm Maybach. Wilhelm Maybach designed an engine built at Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft—following the specifications of Emil Jellinek—who required the engine to be named Daimler-Mercedes after his daughter. In 1902, automobiles with that engine were put into production by
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