Internal Conflict In Fences

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Even though the conflicts with the sons are greatly shown in Wilson’s work, that conflict is merely one of the main problems. Having a father that in job for most of your life can be a horrible experience for a son. That what his older son have to experience because of Troy’s imprisonment. This causes Troy treat Lyon different from his other son, Cory. In a way, he wanted to make up for being gone out of Lyon’s life for the most part. Cory on the other hand had Troy in his life since he was born, so Troy is harsher on him than Lyon. Troy may be harsh on his sons, but he is doing it for a good reason. Becoming harsher on someone could make them look and feel about you differently than before. This causes tension between Troy and Cory because Cory keeps ignoring his father’s orders. Troy wants Cory to become someone who is able to support his future family without any difficulties. He does not want to admit to Cory that he actually wants to protect him rather than crush his dreams. If society were different back during Troy’s baseball experience, he probably would have been happy for Cory. As mentioned in Fences, Troy wanted to become a professional baseball player; however, his skin color and age prevented him from doing so. This experience teaches…show more content…
She is actually the one who is responsible for handing the money that Troy earns. She is the protagonist in the family in a way, since she one who go against Troy’s negative responsible. She truly is a good person because she takes care of Lyon and Raynell, who is her step-children and care for them as her own. At first, Rose was angry with the discovered of Raynell as she is a child who was born by another women during Rose and Troy’s marriage. This actually causes her to look at Troy in a different light. There is no understanding in why Troy would go behind the one woman who stayed with him after all he have
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